How to make Cold Brew Coffee

This How to is Simple, Cheap and Easy! Only takes like maybe 5 minutes prep but 12 hour refrigeration time. Costs only 7$ for the supplies, and the cost of your coffee!

My glass pitcher I got at Ikea for I want to say five or six dollars. The hair elastic rubber bands that are used you can get them from any Dollar Store, as well as coffee filters. So the supplies for this is super cheap and you don’t have to buy a “cold brew kit” which can cost more than 20$.

Prep Time:

5 Minutes

Wait Time:

12-24 Hours


  • 1 – 48oz Glass Pitcher
  • 1 – Package Rubber Hair Elastics or Rubber Bands
  • Coffee Filters
  • 1.25C Ground Coffee (I suggest a strong coffee at least a medium roast)


1. First you will grab 3 coffee filters and divide the coffee evenly into the filters.

2. You will pinch the filters and bunch them up so you can then wrap the elastic band around the top. (Picture example will be shown below)

3. Drop the three coffee pods into the glass pitcher, and fill with water. Place in fridge and 12-24 hours later take the pods out of pitcher and enjoy your Cold Brew! (Longer pods are in stronger the flavour)

This cold brew is great with Torani syurps, or alittle creamer. Know that alittle goes along way with cold brew. I personally add 2 pumps or 1Tablespoon of Torani Vanilla!

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did please share, like and comment. Thanks visiting, check back for new recipes, DIYs and how to.

XOXO- Sarah


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