Intro to Me


Welcome to Says Sarah,

As you may assume my name is Sarah, this is my first Blog post ever, and I want to tell you a little about myself. I’m from Manitoba currently living in the Nevada, with my wonderful husband. This past year I met my husband, gotten engaged, married, and moved to a new country to be with him. It has been crazy, I had never even lived away from my mom now I’m living in a different country! It has been lonely at times, but also far more amazing then I had thought my life could be. I really believe that fate had brought my husband and I together. Oh! We also have a crazy puppy named Teddy, who loves to chew on anything and everything.


I love cocktails, wine and taking an occasional selfie! I also dye my hair often and many colors, I’m not a high fashion girl more just in it for comfort, I have always wanted to try to come up with a style and maybe I’ll try to post a look book!


I’ve wanted to start a Blog for a couple years now, but always been to scared too. With the move this past year I’ve conquered many of my fears and now is as good a time as any to conquer this one. I plan on this being a personal blog in the future my posts will be about my healthy journey, DIY’s, real talk, subjects that interest me, and more about me and my ever changing life.

Comment and check back in, I will be posting a health, weight, or recipe update every Monday and a DIY, real talk, or something else every Wednesday.

Thanks for reading,



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